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10 Home Staging Tips

Staging is VERY important in selling your home quickly and for more money.  Don't believe me - why do you think builders stage their models....because it works! Staging doesn't have to mean getting all new furniture, few pieces can do wonders for a room - I know I do this complementary for my clients on a weekly basis.  Here are a few things to consider.

Staging DOESN'T mean taking everything out of your rooms, yes you want to reduce clutter but you want to make it feel homey with accessories.

1. Stand on the street facing your home - how's the curb appeal?  Please be honest with yourself.  Pops of color like fresh potted flowers, a new door mat, painting the front door if it's weathered and changing out the front door handle can really make a difference.

2. Walk in the front door what do you see?  Does the house draw you in?  People can tell within seconds of opening the door whether they want to see the rest or not (believe me it happens all the time.   This first shot is MOST important so if you are going to spend any money put it in these first rooms.

3. Either take down family pictures or put something else in the frame.  Sometimes I'll buy calendars with cool pictures and cut them apart to put in frames.  Again you don't want bare walls we just don't want people staring at your family pictures and not seeing the features of the home.

4. Deep clean your home, or hire someone to do it.  This is important for getting top dollar.  A well cared for home always sells for  more.  This is especially important if you don't have money to update your home then make it as clean and as well cared for as possible.

5. Replace your HVAC air filters.   Dirty filters indicate you aren't paying attention plus keeping the filter clean means your home will also stay cleaner.

6. Paint your interior doors and trim.  People always overlook how dinged up their doors and trim look.  You'd be amazed on how much better this step will make your home look.

7. What do you think is the homes best feature - why did you buy the house?  Play that feature up so make sure this area is properly staged to sell the home.   For example, if it's the backyard have nice inviting pieces of furniture outside with maybe an outdoor rug, some accessory items etc.... If that feature sold you it will probably sell it to someone else.

8. Wash your windows.  I can't believe how many houses I see with dirty windows.  This is very important to do BEFORE you have the pictures taken.

9. Clean your oven & refrigerator!  You know how many people open appliances ad if they are dirty how turned off they are by your home?  A clean house is a soon to be sold house.

10. Have a showing plan - what needs to get done every time you have a showing.  Baskets are your friend, they are an easy way to get stuff off the tables and counters in a hurry.   When the showing is over just empty out your belongings.

I hope this helps, hopefully you picked up a few new tips.

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