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3 Trends in Tile for 2020

If you haven't noticed the presence of blue in new home design thus far, it will be hard to miss moving forward. Initially, I was seeing it mostly in cabinetry and some soft goods like carpet, pillows, and rugs but now the trend has flowed into tile design. This is just one trend in tile for 2020.

The second trend in tiles is the integration of geometrics. Not only are we seeing new geometric patterns on the surface of the tile but also in the overall shape. The picket fence design (shown left) from Daltile is one of their newer shapes. I love how they mixed three different colors of this tile together for a more dynamic look. It's definitely more interesting than just using a single color. Another option I like is the new spin being put on a traditional subway tile where it's more three dimensional now. Same classic look but with a twist.

The last trend is a nod towards nature. I'm starting to see more and more integration of wood elements this season, in all aspects of home decor. Look at this new tile product by Daltile that looks like wood squares and is designed to be used outdoors. We've seen the wood tile planks, for interiors, but this is a new spin. It definitely adds a pop to this walkway.

Images: Daltile

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