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5 Things Sellers Do That Buyers Hate

If you want buyers’ hearts to beat faster when they see your home, avoid these five home-showing mistakes. So you’re about to put your home on the market? In that case, I assume you want to take every legal and ethical advantage to sell your home for top dollar without dropping your price. To do that you need just ONE thing: An eager, qualified, and willing buyer. The good news is that buyer is out there looking for your home right now. But here’s what’s happening to that buyer. Although they’ve been looking at houses online for months, they only recently contacted a real estate agent because they need to be in by ___ (Christmas, the start of school, by summer, etc). Now the agent is scrambling to find them a house they like, but the buyers are discovering that seeing houses in person is a lot different than seeing them online (so VERY true). The online pictures never look like the home in reality. The location is never as nice as the marketing made it seem. And the sellers are getting in the way, resulting in buyers being turned off from homes they might have otherwise considered. How are sellers getting in the way? By making the following kinds of mistakes

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