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7 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a first impression - right?  Here are a few ideas to make your home pop on the block.  Ideal if you want to sell your home or to just be a standout on the street.

1. Pressure Wash the front of your home & wash your windows.

Pressure washing is a quick and effective way to remove layers of dirt from siding, as well as from the driveway and paths around your home. Getting rid of this built-up dirt and grime on your home’s exterior can be so transformative your neighbors might think you’ve repainted.

2. Add Bold House Numbers This can have an amazing impact and it won't break the bank.  Try swapping out those nondescript numbers with something fun or ones that use a unique font.  I've also seen people have their address carved on large stones or unique plaques and they place in the front yard.  Get creative.

3. Frame the Entrance With Lush Containers

Planting a few pots of seasonal blooms or lush green foliage gently draws the eye toward the front door. On a small stoop, even a single pot will do the trick, but if you have more room, why not use it?

4. Update the Front Path

A good path is clearly marked and easy to traverse, to be sure, but it also offers the first hint of the style to come. Think of the difference between a curving path of rustic flagstones, a traditional brick walkway or a modern poured concrete.   Each options sets a different tone to the front of the house.

5. Paint the Front Door, Porch Ceiling, Shutters or Garage Door

If your home’s exterior has been painted relatively recently but you’re craving a change, you may want to consider going for an in-between measure: Paint just the front door, porch ceiling or shutters (or all three).  Painting or changing out your garage door an have a big impact.  My neighbor just painted hers a complimentary color and it really makes her house pop.

6. Add some Front Door and Porch Decor

A great wreath and a nice set of chairs with colorful pillows can really make your home look inviting.  Combine this with the potted plants mentioned earlier and you have the makings of a great looking outdoor room, and additional living space.

7. Switch out your porch lights

This is another area where you can change the look and feel to your home.  Go with a more contemporary design, matched with some contemporary house numbers and an updated walkway and all of a sudden your home looks totally different.

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