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Termites - Small but Dangerous

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Many people don't realize that Arizona is known for termites. There is a running joke in AZ real estate that your home either has termites or will be getting termites.

The most common type of termites we have here are called Subterranean. These termites are known to build mud tubes coming up from the soil. Did you know the reason these termites build mud tubes is that they thrive on moisture and our air is too dry? If they are exposed to our dry air for just 30 minutes they will dry up and die. It is for this reason why it's so important to keep water away from your foundation as well as bushes/plants away from the walls.

Did you know that these termites are also blind? In fact, they don't even have eyes.

A vital piece of information you need to know regarding termites when selling your home is how to address existing mud tube stains. According to home inspector Tim O'Neall, during a recent webinar, he stated if you've had termites in the past AND your home has been treated make sure to do a follow-up inspection. If the follow-up inspections say it's clear of termites, you are able to paint over the spots left by the original tubes. This is important because if the stains still remain, even though there is no activity, the inspector will have to note that the home has termites according to Arizona inspection laws when you go to sell your home.

The reason they have to note this information to potential buyers is due to the inspector not knowing if these markings are from current tubes that were cleared away right before the inspection, or from the past. Please be aware that if your home was once cleared, but you are still seeing a reoccurrence of termites and tube creation, you are NOT allowed to paint over those stains until your home is treated and you get an "all clear" from a termite inspector.

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