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5 Things to Do before you Sell

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Before You Close on Your House

1. If the home is in a trust – make sure you have a bank account with the name of the trust. The title company will pay the proceeds to the name of the trust so if you want your money you need to have a bank account in the name of the trust and your name as an owner of that account. You can then transfer the money into whatever account, once it’s deposited from the sale.

2. Research sources for boxes, they can get expensive

a. Amazon has a packing package

b. Uhaul has packing boxes

c. Storage places might give you a discount on boxes or have used boxes available if you are renting a space

d. See if your agent can put out a blub asking other agents for boxes from their buyers who already moved in.

3. Analyze your space!! Count the number of cabinets you have in your current kitchen & bath and see how many you have in the next house. This is really important if you are downsizing

4. Secure Storage lockers in advance, they may not be available at the last minute.

5. PURGE! Do you really need 7 toilet bowl cleaners? If you are limited in space in your next house then the answer is NO. Give it to friends or donate the products to shelters who need it and run on a tight budget.

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