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April iPhone Tips & Tricks

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

iPhone 11 Tips / Tricks

1. Did you know that you can pair 2 sets of iPhone ear pods or beats to one phone? This is great if you want to share a playlist with a friend. You can control the volume for each pair individually. Go under the Bluetooth setting and pair both sets simultaneously.

2. A new feature under Photos: You can pinch the screen to make the display smaller to show more photos. It also categorizes your pictures in years and months. Under the month's section, if you click on a particular day and press the circle with 3 dots (top right corner) there is an option under the menu that says "play." If you press the "play" option the photos app will make a video of all of the pictures taken that day and puts it to music, which you can change - so cool!

3. To copy and paste in a text: Double-tap to select an individual word or triple-tap to highlight the whole sentence and then copy and paste.

iphone control center

4. Magnifier: Forgot your reading glasses but have your phone? Did you know the iPhone has a magnifier function to enlarge the print? Just add it to your control center (the pull-down menu) for easy access. Go under Settings - Control Center, the items in the top section are already included in your control center but you can add any of the features in the bottom section titled "More Controls." (see image)

5. Memoji: If you are adding a new contact in your phone and you don't have a picture to use for that person, you can create a personal "memoji" in lieu of a picture. Just click the "add photo" button under the picture bubble, then click the (+) and it will bring you into the "create a memoji" screen.

6. The keyboard now allows you to "quick path" to spell out words while texting. For years you could only find this feature on android phones. If you don't know what this is, you can drag your finger over individual letters to spell out your words versus having to tap each individual letter.

7. Added features in email: When you create an email on your phone there is now an additional menu giving you more features, much like those you have with Word. Once in the body of an email, you will see a (<) symbol above the keyboard. Tap the (<) symbol to display the additional menu items (see image below). Now you are able to change the font, bold text, indent, insert pictures either from photos, or even imbed a drawing.

8. 3D Map Images with Look Around Feature: This might only work in big cities but give it a try!

a) Go into maps and enter something like "Water Tower Chicago or Times Square."

b) In the upper right corner you'll see a circle with an "i" (means info) - press it.

c) You'll now get an option for a satellite view, press it then select "3D." d) Pick somewhere on the image, tap and hold to drop a pin in that spot. You should now get an option that says "Look around" towards the bottom of the screen. Move your figure to the left or right, slowly and it will give you a look of where you are as if you were standing in this spot - so cool!

Have fun trying all of these fun features. Technology is amazing!!

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