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Moving Tips & Hacks - Part 2, Packing for Success

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Let's face it moving IS stressful, but with some good planning, and learning from my mistakes, I hope to make your moving process a bit smoother and a lot less stressful.

Here are 5 tips surrounding the packing process to make this day go smoother for everyone involved.

1. Make food in advance and put it in your freezer. This food will serve as your meals for moving days and for the days after as your kitchen will not be completely functional.

2. If you are able to close on the new place before you have to move out of your current home, I know that’s not always possible, but if it is start moving over your kitchen stuff early and get that setup.

If you aren’t able to set up the kitchen early make sure to unpack the kitchen boxes first and get that room functioning, as it’s pretty vital. I also recommend setting up your bedroom. Get these two rooms going and then work on the other pieces.


3. Start packing early to avoid “the big dump.” Our real estate market is so bus that I didn’t have time to start packing early which ended up being a nightmare unpacking boxes where I did the big dump. You know when you just start throwing things in boxes with no rhyme or reason. It ends up taking twice as long to organize after the fact.

4. Fill boxes to the top – or fill with packing paper. This helps things to not shift while in transit and can help you avoid breakage of items.

5. Lastly and this is a must-do – pack a suitcase of clothes you will wear for the next 3 or 4 days and all of your necessary toiletries as if you were taking a trip. Don’t forget undergarments, shoes etc…

I did not do this and to this day I still cannot find my bras and underwear – no joke. I wore a sports bra for 9 days and I had to order all new stuff – which isn’t exactly inexpensive and who needs more expenses at this time.

Please note that this list isn’t all-inclusive but just a few things I learned with this last move, mostly from doing things wrong so let my mistakes help you.

Next week we will talk about clearing out of your house and moving and unpacking.

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